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Green World Group is a Registered organization and an International Health and Safety Course Provider accredited by NEBOSH, IOSH, , DIPLOMA COURSES , Certification Course. A range of miscellaneous short courses are also designed to meet specific training needs which are Tailor-made. The NEBOSH qualification is unique in that it teaches participants at an international level.

Quality is the key to all our training sessions, with exam results, completion rates and customer satisfaction at the core of our quality management system. An old English phrase says “Habits die hard” and for Green World Group quality is a habit; the rest is history.

As a flexible course provider, we offer blocked release and blended learning courses at top-quality locations all over the Middle East, India and African continent. We also provide distance/e-learning courses, enhanced by comprehensive support from our team of expert trainers and exam centers in more than 125 countries.

Nebosh , IOSH Safety Training provider mission

GWG is a strategic and growth oriented firm established in 2006 with safety as its primary objective.  The core competencies for GWG are not exhaustive and/or limited. The firm has been in the ever increasing portfolio of safety auditing, health safety, risk assessment, recruitment and imparting safety courses both occupational and workplace based.

Following market research, GWG have also formulated tailor made courses. The sessions are specifically tailor-made and designed to suit the needs of safety professionals who would want to greatly enhance knowledge and a chance of success in the field of industrial/ occupational safety and health. The Courses are delivered across various dedicated centers of GWG in Middle East,India and African continent.

Team of Expert Trainers – We have an experienced team of technical trainers second to none in delivering extensive and agile training courses.
International Standards – We strive to distinguish and attain the international benchmark for efficient health and safety services.

E-Learning safety training course nebosh

Green World Groups E-learning is naturally suited to distance learning and flexible learning, but is also used in face-to-face teaching (blended learning) for a certain category of courses. These were accessed and completed by the student and evaluated by the teacher.

On a broader outlook,for e-learning courses that have been developed by different organizations there would be significant differences in the nature of the e-learning experience between them. They differ in the degree of interactivity, the richness of their content, the way they are delivered to the learner, and the degree of interaction between learners and a facilitator. Each organization prepares its e-learning course to suit its capabilities, and the needs of its learners and facilitators.

In some cases the learning is carried out in real time as the learner interacts with a facilitator, known as synchronous e-learning. A web conference is an example of this form of learning. In other cases the learning may be carried out by the learner at a time independent of others, referred to as asynchronous learning, or self-paced learning. Learning from information on a CD-ROM is an example of this type of learning. Asynchronous learning can involve online group discussions through forums or bulletin boards, but these discussions occur at the time and place that suites each individual learner.

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At its simplest level, e-learning is defined as the use of computer technology to deliver education or training courses to learners. Such courses may be studied online, offline, by any mixture of these modes, and may also involve blended modes where there is interaction with a live or virtual teacher or trainer.

E-learning gives the learner choice of what, when and where they study. That is, it is flexible learning. E-learning need not be a formal course. It could also use technology to provide informal, unstructured information.

LMS (Learning Management System) designed by Green World Group, is state of the art wherein multi-level SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) packages of various accredited and approved courses from the UK are built in. The courses have been designed with an interactive feature of videos, animations and pop-quiz session for candidates to have a thorough knowledge of the course being undertaken.

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 nebosh iosh training

Our Presence in...

Middle East

nebosh iosh course in middle east

Bahrain            Kuwait         Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Oman            Qatar          Saudi Arabia - Al Khobar

UAE-Dubai        Yemen         Saudi Arabia – Riyadh   



nebosh IOSH Training in Africa

Ethiopia                Uganda                Cameroon

Ghana                  South Africa          Botswana

Namibia                Mozambique         Nigeria - ABUJA

Nigeria - LAGOS     Malawi


Nebosh IOSH safety training America
Bahamas            Barbados         Belize            Canada

Costa Rica          Cuba               Dominica         El Salvador

Guatemala          Haiti                Honduras       Jamaica

Mexico                Nicaragua        Panama         Saint Lucia

Brazil                  Argentina        Bolivia             Venezuela

Chile                   Colombia         Ecuador         Guyana

Antigua and Barbuda            Paraguay              Peru                Suriname         Uruguay

Dominican Republic               United States       Grenada          Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines      Trinidad and Tobago


Nebosh IOSH training course in Europe
Russia              Ukraine              France               Spain

Norway            Germany            Finland              Poland

Portugal           Romania             Belarus         kazakhstan

Georgia            Bulgaria              Iceland              Hungary

Serbia              Ireland                Austria              Turkey

Monaco            Lithuania             Latvia                Croatia

Republic of Ireland                Denmark          Netherlands        Switzerland         Albania

Bosnia and Herzegovina        Moldova             Belgium               Cyprus              Estonia

Czech Republic                      Slovenia          Montenegro             Italy                 Greece

Luxembourg                          Andorra                Malta             Liechtenstein       Sweden

United Kingdom                   Macedonia          Azerbaijan          San Marino         Slovakia

Asia Pacific

Safety training in Asia - Nebosh IOSH

China                  Japan             Australia             Thailand

South Korea       Indonesia       Malaysia             Samoa

Singapore           Philippines     New zealand       Vietnam

Laos                    Burma            Brunei                 Cambodia

East Timor        Tonga      Hong Kong        Fiji       Solomon Islands       Republic of china

 nebosh iosh training
 nebosh iosh training
 nebosh iosh training