Safety Course in Barbados

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November 25, 2014
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Situated in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean Sea, island nation Barbados has transformed itself from sugar-dependent low income economy to upper-middle income one due to tremendous growth in tourism and offshore sectors. Other main drivers of the economy are international business sector, foreign direct investments and light manufacturing and construction sectors. Agriculture forms a meagre percentage while industry and services account for major contribution to GDP growth.

The Labour Department promotes occupational safety and health related best practice to achieve acceptable working conditions in Barbados. However, lack of high-tech mechanisms to detect occupational hazards and awareness among workers on workplace safety and health lead to fatal accidents. To reduce the occurrences of accidents, public and private organisations look for ways to create safe and healthy work environment.

Green World Group, a leading institution providing courses to enhance safety and well being among employees in Barbados, has been offering world class training programmes on occupational safety, health and environmental issues to workers and HSE professionals. Some of the most acclaimed courses conducted by Green World Group in Barbados are UK board certified IOSH and NEBOSH and highly rated and tailor-made industry specific diploma courses.

safety courses offered by Green World Group in Barbados


National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is an independent UK-based board offering certification programmes across the world through authorised centres. In Barbados Green World Group offers NEBOSH training course for workers and students on workplace safety and health standards.

NEBOSH International Diploma

NEBOSH International Diploma is vocational Diploma training aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to those associated with health, safety and environmental protection at various work places. Green World Group provides training for NEBOSH International Diploma in Barbados to students and HSE professionals.

IOSH courses

IOSH is the short form of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The UK-based board certified course is recognised world over by safety experts. Green World Group in Barbados conducts IOSH certification training programme for students and working professionals to horn their skills on work place safety.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

ADOSHEM is a tailor-made course formulated by Green World Group on occupational safety. The short term course offers an overview on various safety measures to be taken at work places for ensuring danger-free environment for employees in Barbados.

Diploma in Construction Safety

Construction industry is one of the leading contributors of country’s GDP. To lessen the accidents at construction sites, Green World Group offers diploma course on construction safety especially for workers and managers associated with construction companies in Barbados.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

To reduce fire accidents and also to design better fire management systems in companies, Green World Group in Barbados has been training employees on various facets of fire safety and management. The course teaches all aspects of preventing fire and saving properties.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

Industries are growing in Barbados and so the work place accidents. Lack of knowledge on occupational safety results in fatalities and permanent disabilities among workers. To reverse this trend, Green World Group offers diploma course on industrial safety, which teaches students on various factors on remaining safe and healthy at work places.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

Barbados is an island country. Hence offshore business activities are more here. To educate workers and professionals on various possibilities of work place dangers and ways to avoid them, Green World Group conducts diploma course on offshore safety. The course covers all aspects of protecting employees from dangers associated with offshore work environment.