Every countries face different kinds of hazards both natural and man- made which may result in catastrophic results and negative effects to communities. Even though actions taken by professionals of local emergency team, the economic and social impact of disaster increases across the world. This is exactly true in this advanced world, in which the large scale disasters might cause catastrophic results in both economically and enormous loss of lives.

This course is suitable for managers, new employees, professionals engaged in the position to take up emergency respond team. Individuals with wish to understand the principle of emergency responses can also choose this course.

What you will learn ?

  • Systematic approach to emergency management planning and response
  • Different types of barriers
  • Identification of risk and hazard
  • Various environment disaster
  • Steps of risk identification as a part of emergency preparedness
  • Knowledge on various opportunities available for risk reduction
  • Understanding about key links which would connect environment with disaster risk
  • Harmonization of relevant authorities
  • Provide clear hierarchy of control in emergency crises

Assessment Method

Candidates are assessed with non-supervised online examination, which is of question answers format. This can be taken at any convenient time by the candidate. After the successful completion of Disaster Management with Advanced Emergency Response Principles self-assessment test, the learners will get the course completion certification approved by CPD from Green World Group.