1. What is an e-Learning course?

i. An e-Learning course is a course that is delivered, by means of technology, at a place and time that is convenient to the student, usually at home or at work, rather than in a campus classroom.

ii. e-Learning classes are particularly attractive to working adults/professionals with a job and family responsibilities who find it difficult to attend campus classes.

iii. e-Learning courses offered by Green World Group are fully accredited by various awarding bodies relevant to the subject being undertaken. They present a body of knowledge through extensive reading assignments coordinated with additional content which may include videos, discussion threads, group emails and other modes of technology.

iv. e-Learning courses may have review sessions and proctored exams.

2. Are e-Learning courses more expensive?

No, e-Learning courses have the same tuition rates similar to that of most other courses offered as in class-room based training however there could be variance in the pricing of the course depending on whether it is pure el-learning or blended learning.

3. What are the hardware and software requirements for elearning training?

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. Many of the courses require some free plug-ins that are typically included in your browser already. In addition, you need to allow pop-ups from this site.

4. When and where are the elearning courses offered?

Students can login and take courses anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from www.greenwgroup.com.

5. How do students enroll in courses?

There are many ways for a student to sign up for a course.

    1. Visit www.greenwgroup.com and click on the ‘e-learning’ tab.
    2. Under User Login, click on ‘New Student Registration’ and complete the profile details.
    3. Click on Submit and await for a callback from the course team 

Alternatively, please call our regional offices from the contact list and a course coordinator would get in touch with you immediately.

6. How do students log in?

Students can either self-register or be registered by an Administrator. During registration, each student receives a unique username and password for logging into the system.

7. How are exam scores calculated and recorded?

Depending on the course type, the examination can consist of objective-based, randomly-generated, multiple-choice questions to be answered online (or) a written examination to be taken at the course providers premises/approved exam center by UK/British Council.

8. Can students leave the course and come back later?

Yes. Courses are available for a set period of time after purchase. Our courseware is designed to fit into the student’s schedule, with the opportunity to leave and reenter the course as many times as necessary within the given access window.

9. Whom should I contact if any help is needed in registering or navigating through a course?

Contact Green World Group E-learning Support team: elearning@greenwgroup.com (or) alternatively on the ‘live-chat’ platform.