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November 3, 2014

NEBOSH IGC Live ONLINE Training – WeekEnd & Evening Batch

Online Webinar Classes & Exam through

Training Date:
27th Sep ’21 to 28th Oct ’21 (Evening Session)
08th Oct ’21 to 26th Nov ’21 (Weekend - Friday Session)
27th Sep ’21 to 07th Oct ’21 (Regular Day Batch - 10 days)

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Nebosh Course Ghana

Our institution is authorised to conduct classes for NEBOSH course in Ghana. A U.K Board certified and job-oriented course, the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) teaches students and employees on various facets of work place health, safety and environmental issues following international standards.

NEBOSH IGC has Two units:

Unit Examination
IG1 – Management of Health & Safety Online Open Book Exam Assessment + Closing Interview
IG2 – Risk Assessment Practical – Workplace Assessment- Online Submission

Nebosh IGC Ghana


It focuses on the real-time practice to protect the people from their daily encounters on hazards which is divided into 2 units:

  • Unit IG1: Management of health and safety
  • Unit IG2: Practical risk assessment

Green World Top Ranked Health, Safety & Environmental Training Course Provider in MENA Region (Middle East & West Africa) .

Take your NEBOSH Certificate course online

Improve the fundamental knowledge and skills to reduce the health and safety issues and enhance your career with our extensive online training platform.

You can study the NEBOSH Course online from anywhere in the world with the help of a digital medium (computer/laptop/other smart devices with internet support).

This interactive online learning session has live support by qualified tutors and will help you to successfully complete the NEBOSH certificate with high pass rates.

Nebosh IGC / ISO 45001 Batch

Course / Batch Start Date End Date
Nebosh IGC / Weekend Sunday - -
NEBOSH IGC / Evening 27th Sep '21 28th Oct '21
NEBOSH IGC / Weekend Friday 08th Oct '21 26th Nov '21
ISO 45001:2018 / Evening 27th Sep '21 12th Oct '21
NEBOSH IGC – Regular Day Batch
(Block Release Training – 10 Days)
27th Sep '21 07th Oct '21
NEBOSH PSM / Evening - -

NEBOSH IDIP Contact Classes – Virtual/Live Training Calendar (28 Days)
Training Time: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM (India Time)

NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals-E-learning mode (Enrollment from India)
ID1 ID2 Date ID3
 -  -  15 Nov 2021 to 30 Dec 2021
  03 Jan 2022 to 17 Feb 2022  28 Feb 2022 to 14 Apr 2022   25 Apr 2022 to 09 Jun 2022
  20 Jun 2022 to 04 Aug 2022  15 Aug 2022 to 29 Sep 2022   10 Oct 2022 to 24 Nov 2022

NEBOSH International Diploma

Assessment Dates

The first assessment dates for each unit are given below and further guidance will be provided in advance to help your preparations:

Unit Release Date Submission Date
 ID2 – Do – controlling workplace safety issues  10 November 2021  8 December 2021
 ID3 – Do – controlling workplace health issues  13 January 2022  10 February 2022

What is NEBOSH OPEN BOOK Examination?

NEBOSH IG1 / IGC1 Open Book Exam Date: 06th Oct'21, 01st Dec'21

Safety Courses in Ghana

  • NEBOSH Courses
  • IOSH Courses
  • CPD Courses
  • CPD Standards Office Approved Courses
  • NCFE Courses
  • Rospa Approve Courses
  • Food Hygiene, & HACCP Courses

Mode of Learning:

  • E-Learning :
  • In-company training:
  • Online Virtual Classroom:

About Green World Group in Ghana

Located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, Ghana is known for abundance presence of precious metals, industrial minerals and hydrocarbons. Being an emerging digital-based economy Ghana largely depends on exports of digital technology goods, automobile and ship components, industrial minerals, agricultural products, petroleum and natural gas, IT products and telecommunication equipment.

With Ghana being one of the major industrial hubs in the region, work place safety plays a crucial role for companies looking to lessen accidents and loss of revenues due to high insurance claims. Being a pioneer in providing training courses on industrial safety and protection of health and environment, Green World Group (GWG) in Ghana offers internationally recognised diploma courses on occupational safety for employees and students alike.

NEBOSH International Diploma

NEBOSH International Diploma too is certified by the U.K Board and like NEBOSH, Green World Group in Ghana is also authorised to conduct coaching classes for those who wish to become HSE professionals and students, who want to take up employment as safety experts.

Green World Group Offered Health and Safety Courses in Ghana

Some of the most outstanding courses offered by GWG include NEBOSH, IOSH, ADOSHEM and short term certification programmes for those employed in different industries as safety professionals or aspire to become occupational safety experts. All these courses are not only employable, but also make candidates independently handle health and safety issues at their work places.

IOSH courses in Ghana

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is also an internationally renowned certificate programme on occupational safety. Green World Group offers the U.K. Board certified course, which helps to sharpen skills and technical know-how of participants and also effectively manage work place safety.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

ADOSHEM is offered by the leading industry safety training institute Green World Group in Ghana. A short term training programme ideal for those who wish to enhance their knowledge and know-how on workforce safety at their offices, ADOSHEM-certified professionals can find good jobs in Ghana as employers look for people with knowledge to manage safety department.

Diploma in Construction Safety

Construction industry is the fast developing one in Ghana and there is no dearth for construction activities all around. Filled in unskilled labourers, work place safety is hardly followed here leading to large scale onsite accidents. To prevent accidents and to educate employees associated with construction companies, GWG has introduced Diploma in Construction Safety in Ghana. The training course is well recognised, employable and adheres to international standards.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

To prevent fire accidents and efficiently manage fire departments, we offer Diploma in Fire Engineering and Safety Management course. Providing world-class training to students to make them fire safety experts, the short term course is highly recognised across Ghana and nearby nations.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

Ghana has a sprawling industrial development all around. Accidents at workplace are a common phenomenon here. Safety professionals are in great demand in Ghana and employers look to appoint those who are HSE professionals. Our institution in Ghana offers class room training programme for workers and students who want to enhance knowledge and skills to manage occupational safety issues at work places.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

Ghana handles exports and imports through Tema and Takoradi harbours. As labourers and employees are not aware of offshore safety mechanism, companies involved in offshore activities look for places where these people can be trained. GWG in this African country offers extensive training programme for employees who wish to learn occupational safety issues applicable for offshore environment.

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