Safety Course in Guatemala

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December 29, 2014

Guatemala is the largest economy and fast developing country in Latin America. In the recent years, the export of nontraditional has grown significantly, representing more than 53 per cent of its global exports. Guatemala also exports raw materials such as sugar cane and palm oil for bio-fuel production.

Service sector is the largest contributor of GDP followed by industry and agriculture sectors. While agriculture employs half of the working population, mining and industry sector has considerable workforce.

The work place related to accidents, diseases and losses due to absenteeism and insurance expenses, have forced the government to formulate strict guidelines for industries and offices to enforce safety standards. Candidates who have professional qualification on occupational safety and health are given preference for employment as HSE professionals in Guatemala.

In an effort to reduce work related mishaps and injuries, Green World Group, a leading institution which trains students and workers on various types of workplace dangers and health issues, has been providing various diploma courses on occupational safety.

Some of the courses are NEBOSH, IOSH, ASHOSHEM, NEBOSH – International Diploma and GWG designed diploma courses, which cover all safety aspects related to different work environments.

Safety training courses by Green World Group in Guatemala


Highly recognised safety and health course related to various occupations, NEBOSH is an institution based in UK, which promotes awareness on safety and health measures with respect to work places across the globe. In Guatemala, Green World Group is an authorized centre to conduct theory and practical training classes for NEBOSH certification.

NEBOSH International Diploma

NEBOSH International Diploma course offered in Guatemala teaches the latest safety and health practices followed elsewhere to prevent untoward incidents at factories and offices. The course, offered by Green World Group, makes participants certified HSE professionals.

IOSH courses

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) plays a role in creating awareness on various risks and dangers involved in offices and factories. The workplace safety course, offered by Green World Group in Guatemala, is recognized by industries across the world.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

Through ADOSHEM, students are updated on the advancement in technology for creating secure work environment. Formulated by Green World Group, the course offers complete package comprising theory and practical modules to students who want to become HSE professionals.

Diploma in Construction Safety

Construction industry is one of the vibrant sectors in Guatemala. However, due to lack of awareness on safety rules, employees are subjected to various risks at their workplaces. Green World Group has designed a specific course for people who intent to become safety and health experts in construction sector.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

Fire safety is essential for any industry setup. Green World Group in Guatemala offers a diploma course in fire engineering and safety management which makes the students thorough professionals and help them manage the fire departments efficiently.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

Industries are spreading across the country with more and more new offices and industrial units finding places. Safety work environment plays a major role of their sustenance. Green World Group has designed a diploma course on industrial safety specifically for working professionals and students to enhance their knowledge on occupational safety and health.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

As offshore business activities are high in Guatemala, following precautions to create secure work environment plays a vital part of business strategy in many companies here. To help workers and students to understand various types of hazards and risks related to work, Green World Group has been conducting offshore safety diploma course, which is highly recognized by employers across the country.

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