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December 29, 2014

NEBOSH IGC Live ONLINE Training – WeekEnd & Evening Batch

Online Webinar Classes & Exam through

Training Date:
23rd Oct ’20 to 11th Dec ’20 (Friday - Special Session)
24th Oct ’20 to 15th Nov ’20 (Weekend - Sat. & Sun. Session)
26th Oct ’20 to 26th Nov ’20 (Evening Session)

NEBOSH Online Course Exam Dates

Safety Courses in Jeddah:

  • NEBOSH Courses
  • IOSH Courses
  • CPD Courses
  • CPD Standards Office Approved Courses
  • NCFE Courses
  • Rospa Approve Courses
  • Food Hygiene, & HACCP Courses

Mode of Learning:

  • E-Learning :
  • In-company training:
  • Online Virtual Classroom:


Green World Group in Jeddah conducts coaching classes for NEBOSH certification. The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a UK-based independent educational board which has authorized Green World Group to run classes on occupational safety, health and environmental issues.


NEBOSH IGC Online Course – Key Facts
Units 2 units: IG 1; IG 2
Assessments 1 day exam for IG 1 and a practical for IG 2
Study Mode Virtual / Online Live Training

Nebosh IGC Course Syllabus

It focuses on the real-time practice to protect the people from their daily encounters on hazards which is divided into 2 units:
Unit IG1: Management of health and safety
Unit IG2: Practical risk assessment

Read More NEBOSH IGC New Syllabus

Take your NEBOSH Certificate course online

Improve the fundamental knowledge and skills to reduce the health and safety issues and enhance your career with our extensive online training platform.

You can study the NEBOSH Course online from anywhere in the world with the help of a digital medium (computer/laptop/other smart devices with internet support).

This interactive online learning session has live support by qualified tutors and will help you to successfully complete the NEBOSH certificate with high pass rates.

NEBOSH IG1 / IGC1 Open Book Exam Date: 02nd December 2020,
03rd February 2021, 07thApril 2021, 09th June 2021

NEBOSH International Diploma

NEBOSH International Diploma deals with international and local standards on occupational safety and health of employees. Green World Group in Jeddah provides training via e-learning, to deserving employees and aspiring students and makes them highly talented HSE professionals.

About Green World Group in Jeddah

Jeddah, the second largest city of Saudi Arabia, traditionally is an important trading hub. Having the largest sea port on Red Sea, due to proximity to Africa and European countries, Jeddah has assumed importance as the second largest commercial center in the Middle East after Dubai.

In early days, frankincense, tortoise shells, mother-of-pearl and various spices and food items were routinely exported from the city. The city is also used by business entities to import items from nearby countries and re-export to far-off nations due to sea connectivity.

As business establishments and industries are dotting around the city, Jeddah has assumed significance for local and expat workers to find a suitable occupation. Saudi Arabia is rapidly industrializing and the economic development is no more dependent on oil exports. Being one of the most economically vibrant cities, Jeddah’s industrial growth is phenomenal, especially the manufacturing sector.

The improvement in occupational safety standards in Jeddah can be attributed to the awareness among employees on various hazards and its effects on their health. Green World Group in Jeddah pioneers in educating employees and industry workers on various types of occupational safety and health issues and ways to protect from hazards.

The internationally recognized industry safety courses conducted by Green World Group in Jeddah are IOSH, NEBOSH International Diploma, NEBOSH-IGC and scores of short-term training programmes which educate workers on different safety and health standards to be undertaken at their offices or manufacturing units.

Safety courses by Green World Group in Jeddah

IOSH Course in Jeddah

An internationally acclaimed industry safety course, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), provided by a UK-based board, makes one highly efficient in handling occupational safety in any type of work environment. Green World Group in Jeddah provides IOSH training to workers and students for their career enhancement.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

ADOSHEM educates candidates about the latest technology in preventing and managing workplace hazards and difficulties. The course formulated by Green World Group covers various aspects of providing safety and wellness to employees concerned.

Diploma in Construction Safety Course in Jeddah

As construction industry is booming in Jeddah, occupational safety assumes significance to reduce workplace related accidents at construction sites. Green World Group offers diploma in construction safety for those who are associated with construction activities.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management Course in Jeddah

Providing safety against fire accidents is an important factor for any commercial and residential establishment. People involved in such responsibility should be equipped fully to prevent fire accidents. Green World Group offers diploma course in fire engineering & safety management, for the benefit of those associated with fire safety departments in Jeddah.

Diploma in Industrial Safety Course in Jeddah

As industries are sprawling in Jeddah, chances of accidents are also high. To prevent work place mishaps, industries prefer to employ HSE professionals. Green World Group is a pioneer institution in educating workers on various occupational hazards and protective methods and makes them thorough occupational safety professionals.

Diploma in Offshore Safety Course in Jeddah

Due to its sea connectivity to various countries, offshore activities are high in Jeddah. Employment related accidents and hazards are forcing people to take up appropriate courses to protect self and others. Green World Group has designed diploma in offshore safety course for those who are involved in offshore job activities.

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