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November 19, 2014

NEBOSH IGC Live ONLINE Training – WeekEnd & Evening Batch

Online Webinar Classes & Exam through

Training Date:
27th Sep ’21 to 28th Oct ’21 (Evening Session)
08th Oct ’21 to 26th Nov ’21 (Weekend - Friday Session)
27th Sep ’21 to 07th Oct ’21 (Regular Day Batch - 10 days)

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As a landlocked country situated in southeast Africa, Malawi’s economy is largely depends on agriculture, which forms 35 per cent of its GDP while industrial production forms 19 per cent and service sector contributes 46 per cent.

As part of farming, Malawi exports tobacco, cotton, potatoes, sugarcane, corn, tea, cattle, sorghum and goats, which forms the major source of income to the government. Other main industries are cement, sawmill products, consumer goods, apparel, peanuts and wood products.

Since Malawi is on growth mode, developments are happening in all sectors at a steady pace. Industries are ill-afford to incur losses due to occupational accidents caused by natural or man-made reasons. So, they prefer to install a fool-proof system to protect their men and machinery. Green World Group in Malawi has stepped-in to provide required training to their employees who are associated with safety departments and also for students, who want to take up their career as occupational safety experts.

With its state-of-the-art lab and class rooms, Green World Group offers some of the outstanding internationally recognised occupational health and safety courses in Malawi. Some of them are: IOSH, NIBOSH, ADOSHEM, and also diploma certification programmes to improve workers’ ability to handle health, safety and environment (HSE) at work places.

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Nebosh IGC / ISO 45001 Batch

Course / Batch Start Date End Date
Nebosh IGC / Weekend Sunday - -
NEBOSH IGC / Evening 27th Sep '21 28th Oct '21
NEBOSH IGC / Weekend Friday 08th Oct '21 26th Nov '21
ISO 45001:2018 / Evening 27th Sep '21 12th Oct '21
NEBOSH IGC – Regular Day Batch
(Block Release Training – 10 Days)
27th Sep '21 07th Oct '21
NEBOSH PSM / Evening - -

NEBOSH IDIP Contact Classes – Virtual/Live Training Calendar (28 Days)
Training Time: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM (India Time)

NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals-E-learning mode (Enrollment from India)
ID1 ID2 Date ID3
 -  -  15 Nov 2021 to 30 Dec 2021
  03 Jan 2022 to 17 Feb 2022  28 Feb 2022 to 14 Apr 2022   25 Apr 2022 to 09 Jun 2022
  20 Jun 2022 to 04 Aug 2022  15 Aug 2022 to 29 Sep 2022   10 Oct 2022 to 24 Nov 2022

NEBOSH International Diploma

Assessment Dates

The first assessment dates for each unit are given below and further guidance will be provided in advance to help your preparations:

Unit Release Date Submission Date
 ID2 – Do – controlling workplace safety issues  10 November 2021  8 December 2021
 ID3 – Do – controlling workplace health issues  13 January 2022  10 February 2022

Vocational safety courses offered by Green World Group in Malawi


NEBOSH, a UK-Board certified training programme, is the most sought-after occupational safety course among workers and students. The internationally recognised course provides all facets of safety and health condition at offices and factories. It also equips employees with knowledge and technical know-how to protect self and others from the occupational dangers. Green World Group is authorised by NEBOSH to conduct their training programme in Malawi.

NEBOSH International Diploma

Green World Group offers NEBOSH International Diploma for those who want to quickly update themselves with the international norms, procedures and latest technological innovations on workplace safety and health issues. Offered by the UK Board, the certificate is highly recognised.

IOSH courses

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is also a UK-board certified course on vocational health and safety. IOSH has authorised Green World Group in Malawi to conduct their courses. The training involves intensive practical and analytical modules for students who want to excel as safety and health professionals.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

This course is aimed at HSE experts and students, who want to make a career in the field of work place health and safety, our ADOSHEM course is tailor made to address the safety, health and environment concerns of industries in Malawi. Green World Group offers fine environment for students to study the concept and apply it on real life situation at their work places.

Diploma in Construction Safety

Industries in Malawi are growing and construction sector plays a vital role in their growth. However, due to lack of knowledge and technical know-how, work site accidents are common, affecting the progress of the constructing activities. Green World Group with its training programme tries to fill this void by educating students, workers, managers and supervisors about the importance of occupational safety at construction sites.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

One single fire accident destroys years of hard work and development. To prevent work place fire accidents, Green World Group has made a short term course on fire safety management for the benefit of those who wish to take up their career as fire safety professionals in Malawi.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

We have formulated tailor-made training courses for HSE professionals and students in Malawi. The training programmes, devised by our panel of experts, provide theoretical and practical understanding on the latest available work place safety and protective techniques.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

As most of the goods are being imported, shipping and container industry plays vital part of offshore activities in Malawi. With this comes the safety and security concern of professionals and labourers involved in offshore operations. Green World Group’s Offshore Safety diploma course deals with all aspects of health, safety and surroundings of workplaces.