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January 21, 2015
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A country in the Central American isthmus, Nicaragua is primarily an agricultural economy which represents 17 per cent of GDP, the highest in the region. Coffee is one of the major export items of Nicaragua. Apart from agriculture, mining, fishing, tourism and informal sectors are the major revenue spinning for the country.

The country has a very low awareness on occupational safety and standards to be followed at workplaces. Hence accidents and work-place related health disorders are common. However, the situation is changing as industries are giving preference to safety measures and also providing risk-free work environments.

Employers want to recruit people with adequate qualification and knowledge on various occupational safety and health standards. Green World Group is a leading institution in Nicaragua which provides training on various types of hazards and risks at work places. One can join the internationally-recognised courses like IOSH, NEBOSH International Diploma, ADOSHEM and different diploma courses for working professionals and students.

Courses offered by Green World Group in Nicaragua

NEBOSH in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan industries and offices need Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) personnel to safeguard their employees and property. Green World Group offers internationally-renowned National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) course, a U K-based board certified program, for those who want to improve their knowledge on occupational safety and health issues.

NEBOSH International Diploma

NEBOSH International Diploma, offered by Green World Group in Nicaragua, trains workers, officials and students on various means of crating safe work environment to protect people and machinery. The highly recognised certification program helps participants to secure jobs or enhance career prospects of working people.

IOSH courses

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a globally recognised organisation offering courses on occupational safety. Launched by a non-profit organisation in the UK, the distance course, provided by Green World Group in Nicaragua, transforms students and working professionals into qualified HSE experts.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

ADOSHEM is government of India-approved diploma course offered through Green World Group in Nicaragua. Here participants are taught on different possible work place hazards and health issues. The course offers advanced technology and international standards used to tackle various safety, health and environmental issues at factories and offices.

Diploma in Construction Safety

As a developing country, Nicaragua’s construction industry is vibrant. Accidents and health issues at construction sites are also more. To provide secure work environment, Green World Group in Nicaragua offers diploma in construction safety to workers related to construction activities.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

Fire safety and management professionals are in great demand in Nicaragua. Companies prefer fire safety personnel to safeguard their workplaces to avoid losses. Green World Group in Nicaragua offers diploma course in fire engineering and safety management for all stakeholders of the industry.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

Industries are booming in Nicaragua and so the unsafe work environment and associated difficulties to employees. To reduce accidents and losses, companies prefer certified HSE professionals. Green World Group offers internationally recognised diploma course in Industrial Safety to employees and students.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

For Nicaraguan companies involved in offshore activities, providing safe and secure work environment for their employees is a challenging task. To improve awareness and to reduce accidents due to unsafe work environments, Green World Group has been offering Diploma in Offshore Safety for workers who want to safeguard them and also others from various hazards and dangers at work places.

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