OSHA is among the widely known regulations in Occupational Health and Safety Management that assure the safety and healthy working conditions of people through delivering skills to recognize, avoid and mitigate workplace hazards and employing the best practices related to health & safety and OSHA standards.

Green World Group has an exceptional record in providing IASP, USA-approved OSHA Training in Dubai and you can complete the training through online mode with complete access to the best course materials and multimedia sessions that are designed by the experts in the HSE sector. The courseware is designed to keep the students up to date and is offered in a state-of-the-art web platform.

What are the Benefits of OSHA Online Training?

  • Flexibility in learning, you can decide your own schedule and place to study
  • Compared with traditional classroom training, cost-cuttings and saving time are the biggest benefits
  • Self-paced learning with access to comprehensive ebook/course materials via Green World resource area
  • Students have constant access to an e-learning platform, available 24/7

Green World Group Delivers the Below Training Courses:

OSHA: 30 Hours General Safety – IASP, USA

This training is designed to provide varied training to workers to empower them with health and safety responsibilities. This training focuses on recognizing, avoiding, controlling, and staying safe from hazards in the workplace and also OSHA standards.

OSHA: 30 Hours Construction Safety – IASP, USA

This is a comprehensive safety program intended to give a greater depth of knowledge through training for some safety responsibility to anyone involved in the construction industry. This is specially devised to have OSHA standards in place for identifying, preventing, and controlling hazards.

OSHA Safety Training provides advanced knowledge on health and safety hazards and enables the workers to be aware of the significance of Occupational Health and Safety Management and ensures deploying safety measures across various industrial sectors.

Who can Study this Course?

OSHA 30 Hours Safety Training is well-suited for working professionals such as supervisors, safety directors, and foremen and also for anyone interested in managing an accident-free environment in different workplaces such as warehouses, factories, health care, and manufacturing sectors all around the world.

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