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January 21, 2015
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A southernmost country in North America, Panama is among the fast growing and best managed economies in Latin America. Panama’s economy is mainly based on service sector which includes banking, trading, tourism and commerce. The Panama Canal remains the major economic booster for the country as it pumps millions of dollars from toll revenue and also provides huge employment opportunities. Copper and gold mining, tourism and international trade help further augment economic growth.

To improve working conditions and health and safety of workers, the government of Panama has introduced several measures to achieve congenial work condition. Holistic and integrated approaches have been made to the issues of occupational safety and health at work places in Panama. Employees and employers understand the importance of having a fool-proof system to achieve safe and healthy working conditions.

To increase the awareness on occupational safety in Panama, Green World Group has been conducting various courses on workplace protection and improved sanitation for good health among employees. Some of the courses conduced at the GWG centre in Panama include, IOSH, NEBOSH, NEBOSH International Diploma, ADOSHEM and several diploma courses to meet the safety conditions of different industrial set-ups in Panama.

Safety training courses at Green World Group in Panama


As a pioneer institution conducting occupational safety training courses for NEBOSH, a UK-based independent educational board, Green World Group in Panama offers internationally recognized and employment-oriented course on occupational safety standards to employees and students.

NEBOSH International Diploma in Panama

A well recognized course on workplace safety, NEBOSH International Diploma, offered by Green World Group, helps workers in Panama adequately skilled and informed in various occupational hazards at their work places.

IOSH courses

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the well known safety and health course pertaining to workplaces. The course, offered by Green World Group in Panama, enhances the knowledge on various types of dangers and health risks to employees at their work places.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

Designed by an expert panel on workplace safety, Green World Group in Panama offers ADOSHEM course to those who want to update themselves with the latest information on occupational safety and health standards. The course is well recognized among industries in Panama.

Diploma in Construction Safety

Workers without protection gears and lack knowledge on work place safety cause accidents and injuries at construction sites in Panama. Green World Group’s provides via Distance Education diploma in Construction Safety for students and workers to educate them on different types of dangers and health hazards at construction sites.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

Fire accidents can be prevented by having advanced fire safety equipment and trained personnel. Green World Group in Panama educates industry and non-industry workers on fire safety management through Distance Learning Program. The diploma also helps the participants to secure employment as fire safety managers or technicians.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

Industries are growing rapidly across Panama. To prevent work place-related accidents and losses companies generally prefer to have people who have prior knowledge and experience in safety and health issues at work places. Green World Group offers internationally recognized diploma course on industrial safety to reduce fatalities and loss of livelihood.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

Offshore business is one of the major revenue spinning trades in Panama. Employees and workers are often exposed to unhealthy and dangerous situation. To protect them from getting injured, Green World Group in Panama is offering diploma in Offshore Safety which helps the participants to plan their own safety standards at their work places.

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