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January 21, 2015
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One of the Windward Islands situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Saint Lucia’s economy is largely depends on agriculture, tourism and small-scale manufacturing industry. Banana finds the major source of income from exports. In the recent years, information technology, communication, infrastructure, construction and service sectors have taken lead in providing a push to economic development of St Lucia.

As economic activities picked up in the recent times, St Lucia has witnessed large-scale industrial development across the country with foreign investments adding to their further growth. The country is also blessed with availability of skilled and educated labor force, who understands the importance of creating safe and healthy work environment.

With government and industries insisting on developing safe, serene and healthy working condition, safety experts are finding their way much easier into suitable employment in St Lucia.

Green World Group in Saint Lucia offers high-standard and internationally-recognized courses on occupational safety and health for both employees and students. Some of the well known courses offered by Green World Group in St Lucia include NEBOSH, IOSH, NEBOSH International General Diploma, ADOSHEM and diploma courses on safety conditions related to different industrial set-ups.

Safety training courses at Green World Group in Saint Lucia

NEBOSH in Saint Lucia

NEBOSH is an internationally well-known educational course on occupational safety and health. In St Lucia, Green World Group is the authorized centre to learn NEBOSH, which is certified by a UK-based independent educational board. The course makes the students understand various safety rules being followed internationally and apply them in their work places.

NEBOSH International Diploma

Coaching classes for NEBOSH International General Diploma are conducted at Green World Group in Saint Lucia for students, industrial workers and working professionals. The course helps the participants to become independent HSE experts who can create hazardous-free and healthy work environment in any type of work places.

IOSH courses

IOSH is again a UK education board offering course through various institutions across the world. In Saint Lucia, IOSH is being offered at Green World Group by distance learning program. The course provides valuable information and education on latest and advanced occupational safety and health techniques to be followed at workplaces.

ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management)

Formed by experts in Green World Group to prevent workplace-related mishaps, ADOSHEM is recognized by the Government of India and well received in other countries too for its high standard curriculum and advanced training methodology. The course deals with various rules, methods and technical know-how related to work place dangers and health risks.

Diploma in Construction Safety

Construction sector is growing at a rapid pace in Saint Lucia. To reduce work place accidents and health hazards at construction sites, Green World Group in Saint Lucia has been providing this training program via distance education on Construction Safety to employees, workers and students.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

Fire safety experts are in demand in Saint Lucia. Green World Group’s diploma in fire engineering and safety management offers a comprehensive methodology to participants to prevent fire at work places and also device techniques to avoid fire accidents.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

In St. Lucia, rapid industrialization has posed a challenge to the administration on workers’ safety and health. Green World Group, a pioneer institution offering workplace safety courses, has been educating via distance learning on industrial safety to workers, managers and supervisors in order to educate them on various facets of safety standards and management.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

Offshore business activities are high in Saint Lucia due to reshipment and exports of agriculture produce. To educate workers involved in various offshore environments, Green World Group has been educating for offshore safety to wagers, laborers, safety experts and managers who are involved in offshore occupation in Saint Lucia.

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