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Making a safe work Environment

To create a safe and secure work environment, Green World Group (GWG), a pioneer in imparting training to employees exposed to hazardous working environment, have been offering a range of diploma courses whose aim is to prevent work place mishaps.

These are government-recognized distance education programs, which teach the participants about various safety techniques to be followed and adopted at their places of work, not only to protect themselves from occupational hazards but also the machines, environment and people around them.

These international repute courses by Green World Group are designed for workers exposed to unsafe work environments in engineering industry, construction industry, chemical units, automobile sector, coal industry, restaurants, high rise buildings, nuclear power plants, boiler units, off-shore work, aviation industry, to name a few.

National Diploma on Offer

Green World Group offers one-year Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management (ADOSHEM), Diploma in Fire Engineering and Safety Management, Diploma in Offshore Safety, Diploma in Industrial Safety and Diploma in Construction Safety.

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 Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Mgmt (ADOSHEM)

ADOSHEM focuses on imparting knowledge to employees so that they can handle various adverse conditions at work places, besides educating them to prevent accidents. Students are also taught about occupational hazards, environmental management and safety audits. The course also gives various techniques to prevent work place accidents, work hygiene and industrial health.

Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

This is a one year government-certified diploma program designed to educate individuals and professionals working in fire and rescue service department of various industries, about prevention, management and safety procedures. Those who are already working as Fire Safety specialist, Fire Watch Manager or Fire Investigation specialist can join this course to acquire critical knowledge on fire safety.

Diploma in Offshore Safety

The course deals with various possible hazards existing in the offshore work environment such as oil and gas industry, shipping, rigs etc. The curriculum is devised in such a way that it can be easily understood and followed by students from all parts of the world. This course will teach students on Occupational Health and Safety, Basic Safety Engineering, offshore Safety and Fire Prevention and Safety.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

Industries are of various types and so are the kinds of accidents. Green World Group’s Diploma in Industrial Safety deals with different aspects of occupational accidents with respect to work places. The motto of this course is to develop awareness among workers on safety, health and environment. The course also equips workers with adequate knowledge on occupational hazards so as to minimize injuries, risks and untoward incidents at work places.

Diploma in Construction Safety

This program covers the legal aspects with respect to health and safety of international construction workers, managing and finding of occupational hazards and application of this knowledge in a practical way. People, who are part of construction industry across the world, can get benefit out of this course. Also, managers and supervisors belong to other industries but require construction-oriented knowledge can also join this one-year diploma course.