Diploma in Environmental Safety

Diploma in Environmental Safety Engineering is a specially designed education programme covering comprehensive Safety Management concerning industries which are dealing with hazardous materials and chemicals that can cause harm to environment and employees’ health. This tailor-made training programme developed by Green World Group addresses environmental safety and occupational health for employees.

Diploma in Environmental Safety Engineering is one of the most sought-after and internationally recognised HSE courses being conducted by Green World Group. Students and working professionals, who aspire to become workplace environmental safety experts can take up this course and pursue their career as HSE experts.

The course is recognised in many countries and is also employment-friendly. The certification is indented to make students independent professionals in occupational environmental safety and can formulate, design and implement safety and health measures for the welfare of workers.

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Course Overview

The one-year Diploma in Environmental Safety has many topics which are relevant to today’s challenges in making working environment free from hazards, health risks and other man-made dangers. Students are made to understand the importance of making workplace environments safe and secure. The curriculum also includes international rules and regulations, details of pollutants and their impact on health, safety standards, risk assessment techniques, usage of safety kits and effective management of a team involving workplace environmental safety.

Once a candidate completes this course successfully, he or she can practice as independent safety professional or can be hired to manage environmental safety and health issues at workplaces.

There will be four theory exams and one practical exam students have to appear which will be assessed by an expert panel comprising safety and health professionals.


In the four theory papers, paper 1 and paper 2 will have ten questions each to attend and students will be given two hours to complete each paper. Similarly, paper 3 and 4 have ten questions to answer. Each question carries ten marks.


  • Are there any seminars for Diploma in Environmental Safety ?
    As a part of the curriculum, we offer a 12-day non-compulsory workshop/seminar to students taking up this course with an extra fee. The seminar will be conducted at GWG Business Center only when a minimum number of candidates opt for it.
  • Will the course material be provided?
    Students are provided with well-researched and international standard course material to pursue their studies and prepare for their exams. These students’ guides are prepared by a panel of experts which are approved by the government of India.
  • What are the certifications I will get after completing the tests and when will I get them?
    Certificates and mark lists are provided to each passing out student within 30 days from the date of announcement of results by the Central Board of Examination and National Development agency, Government of India. Candidates securing distinction and first class will be provided with merit certifications.
  • What is the Fee Structure for Diploma in Environmental Safety ?
    The fee collected from students for Diploma in Environmental Safety course includes exam fee, administration fee and study materials.

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