Course Overview

Food manufacturers and handlers are the critical followers of safety norms laid down to ensure food items which reach consumers are of highest standard and quality. As improperly made or contaminated food can be catastrophic, food makers and handlers take atmost care to produce safe, hygiene and healthy food. To achieve the critical safety standard, companies recruit people with relevant knowledge and qualification for effective management of food safety practices.

Food safety Diploma is one of the most sought-after qualifications for students and working professionals who wish to make a career in the flourishing food industry. The specialized course, conceptualized by Green Word Group, has incorporated internationally recognized and industry- relevant topics, which are grouped under the following categories.

Comprehensive analysis of food safety through scientific means; Catastrophic effects of unsafe and sub-standard food, surveillance and enquiry procedures; Food–borne diseases caused by microbiological and chemical agents; Checking the quality of ingredients added to food; Standard food technology and latest developments; General awareness on food Commodities, potential hazards and controls; and management of food safety systems, their elements and stakeholders’ roles. To make it more interesting and informative, experts from food safety and other related domains such as nutrition, food science and technology and environment share their knowledge and expertise with participants.

Qualification Overview

Diploma in Food Safety is also ideal for professionals from food and drink manufacturers such as managers, supervisors, engineers, quality assurance staff and members of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) team. The course is best suited for those who have prior knowledge on food safety and relevant standards or people who are working with food manufacturing industry and want to enhance their career prospects by taking more responsibilities. The course provides comprehensive analysis of HACCP system and its importance at workplaces.

The participants are also provided with in-depth analysis of food hygiene and risks, and training on conceptualizing, testing, implementing and monitoring best food safety standards.

The topics that are included are in line with Foods Standards Agency’s policies that are critical for maintaining good practices in producing safe food.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Food Safety Management
  • Developing HACCP based system
  • Principle of safe food storage
  • Review of food safety
  • Development of HACCP based procedure
  • Evaluating HACCP procedure.
  • Workplace and personal hygiene and product safety
  • Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) food safety management systems
  • Workplace and personal hygiene and product safety
  • Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) food safety management systems

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Candidates/ Delegates who successfully complete and obtain the National Diploma Course (approved by the Govt. of India) could further apply for a membership status with IIRSM. Awarding of the membership is at the discretion of IIRSM provided they have met the required guidelines for the same.

The diploma certificates & mark lists are granted by Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, which is a Government of India undertaking.

Recognized in most countries

The internationally recognized certification increments one year count of students’ educational qualification.

The diploma is recognized to be attested by –

Consular Services: i.e. Indian consulate.

External Affairs Ministry: Ministry of foreign affairs of India and other countries that include Middle East region.

Is there any seminar for Diploma in Food Safety Course?

There will be a 12-day (non-compulsory) seminar for the participants with an extra fee at Green World Group’s Education Center in Chennai, India, only when we get minimum number of enrolments.

Students wish to join the course can logon to and fill the online form with relevant details so that we shall make necessary arrangements for your training needs.

When will I get the certification?

All successful candidates will get their certification within 30 days from the date of declaration of results. Certificates & Mark lists will be issued by Central Board of Examination & National Development agency of Government of India. Separate certificates will be provided to students who secured distinction and first class.

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