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CourseStart DateEnd Date
NEBOSH IGC25th Sep’2327th Oct’23
NEBOSH PSM09th Oct’2319th Oct’23
NEBOSH HSW25th Sep’2328th Sep’23
NEBOSH IDIP02nd Oct’2316th Nov’23
IOSH MS06th 0ct’2309th Oct’23
CourseStart DateEnd Date
NEBOSH IGC18th Sep’2320th Oct’23
NEBOSH PSM09th Oct’2319th Oct’23
NEBOSH HSW25th Sep’2328th Sep’23
NEBOSH IDIP02nd Oct’2316th Nov’23
IOSH MS18th Sep’2321st Sep’23

Nebosh PSM Course Fees

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The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management is designed to cover a wide range of issues affecting process industries. Unexpected changes in Technological developments and large-scale mechanization are the main reasons for unforeseen reactions and risks in Process industries.

Nebosh PSM Course is suitable for the employees working in process industries. Besides safety aspects, this PSM Certification makes you stand out from the crowd and process safety management gaining vital importance in hazardous process industries. Therefore, enhance your delegates by pursuing the NEBOSH PSM Course in the management of process safety risks.

Benefits of Nebosh Process Safety Management

The NEBOSH Process Safety Management Training course offers a comprehensive understanding of industries and their associated skillset. It covers crucial topics such as leadership, hazard control, process risk management, as well as fire and explosion protection.

Identifying hazards in process industries is crucial for improving safety performance and reducing accidents and incidents. Your career prospects can be enhanced by NEBOSH PSM training. The NEBOSH PSM Course is highly recommended for individuals working in refinery, oil and gas, offshore, petroleum, and process industries.

The NEBOSH PSM Course equips professionals with the knowledge to identify workplace hazards and implement safety measures. It is crucial for those working in process industries to have a comprehensive understanding of safety management. Moreover, it is advantageous for individuals interested in pursuing a career in safety management.

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Course Overview

Element 1: Process safety Leadership

  • Process Safety Management Meaning
  • Process Safety Leadership
  • Organizational Learning
  • Management of Change
  • Worker Engagement
  • Competence

Element 3: Process Safety Hazard Control

  • Operating procedures
  • Safe start-up and shut-down
  • Safety critical performance standards
  • Utilities
  • Electricity / Static electricity
  • Dangerous Substance
  • Reaction Hazards
  • Bulk storage operations

Element 2: Management of Process Risk

  • Establishing a process safety management system
  • Risk Management techniques used within the process industries
  • Assent management and maintenance strategies
  • Role and purpose and features of a permit-to-work system
  • Safe shift handover
  • Contractor management

Element 4: Fire and Explosion Protection

  • Fire Hazards
  • Fire and explosion control
  • Dust Explosions
  • Emergency Preparedness
NEBOSH HSE Certificate In Process Safety Management – Key Facts
Course level Level 4
Eligibility Minimum standard of English proficiency is required
Assessments Open Book Exam
Training Mode Live Virtual Class (Evening Batch)
Course Fee Lowest Fees (Join & Get instant Discount)

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NEBOSH PSM stands for NEBOSH Process Safety Management. It is a globally recognized qualification designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of process safety management in high hazard industries. It covers key aspects such as hazard identification, risk assessment, control measures, emergency planning, and monitoring.

Who should take the NEBOSH PSM course?

The NEBOSH PSM course is suitable for individuals who are involved in managing process safety within their organization, including process safety managers, supervisors, engineers, and safety professionals. It is particularly relevant for those working in industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and power generation.

What are the benefits of obtaining NEBOSH PSM certification?

Obtaining the NEBOSH PSM certification offers several benefits. It enhances your knowledge and skills in process safety management, enabling you to effectively identify and control hazards. It demonstrates your commitment to safety, making you a valuable asset to employers. The qualification can also open up career opportunities and contribute to professional development.

How is the NEBOSH PSM course assessed?

The NEBOSH PSM course is assessed through a two-step process. Firstly, candidates must complete a written examination, consisting of short-answer questions and a longer essay-style question. Secondly, they are required to undertake a practical assessment, where they analyze a workplace process safety issue and produce a written report.

How can I prepare for the NEBOSH PSM exam?

To prepare for the NEBOSH PSM exam, it is recommended to attend a reputable training course that covers the syllabus in detail. Study materials provided by NEBOSH and other reputable sources can also be useful. It is essential to allocate sufficient time for studying and revision. Practicing past exam papers and answering sample questions can help familiarize yourself with the exam format and improve your time management skills.